Clocks No Longer Exist.

Clocks No Longer Exist.

André Heller

A slim volume of great wisdom: dignified, poetic and funny. And a testament to late love and great openness between mother and son.

What does it take in life? What’s important and what’s not? Elisabeth Heller is 102 years old and, as she has said in talks recorded by her son André over the past few months, she’s slowly saying goodbye. »Inside, I still have an image of myself as a young person, still hike in the mountains and sail across Lake Wolfgang. I look forward to the future,« says the elderly lady, who was born when First World War broke out, and was married at the tender age of 19 to Stephan Heller, a confection manufacturer twice her age. At other times she wishes that her body would run its course, then talks cheerfully about a lovesick suicide attempt – »the most stupid thing I ever did« – and about Franz Lehár playing the piano in Bad Ischl.

”Something tidies up my memory, and all the clutter is removed. Since then I’ve never had a headache either.“ Elisabeth Heller

Clocks No Longer Exist.


Signierstunde mit André Heller

Wagner’sche Buchhandlung,
Museumstraße 4,
6020 Innsbruck

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