Charlotte, the Sheep

Charlotte, the Sheep

Anu Stohner, Henrike Wilson

Charlotte climbs trees, jumps into the river and clambers over jagged rocks that no sheep has scaled before. Sometimes she even goes for walks at night – one more thing that a proper sheep should not do. At least that's what the old sheep think.

Then comes the day when the shepherd twists his foot and can't walk, not a single step. Someone has to go down to the valley to get help - across the river and the jagged rocks, in pitch-black darkness. Charly, the old sheepdog, can't manage it. Can Charlotte come to the rescue?

Foreign Sales

UK /USA (Bloomsbury), Netherlands (Lemniscaat), Italy (Edizioni EL), France (Kaleidoscope), Spain (Catalan - Simbol), Korea (Theknn), Taiwan (Global Kids Books), Russia (KompasGid), China (Shanghai 99)

Charlotte, the Sheep

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