Blackbook on Branded Companies

Blackbook on Branded Companies

Klaus Werner-Lobo, Hans Weiss

Revised and updated edition of the international bestseller

The machinations of corporations – and what we can do to curb them. A must-read for the socially engaged consumer!

Large corporations have one goal above all others: maximum profit. Decent working conditions, ethical principles and environmental protection are more often than not secondary concerns. Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen remains a milestone of criticism on modern globalization.

Financial and economic crises and progressive market concentration — with fewer than 150 multinational corporations dominating the global economy — have changed the world. It’s high time for a new Blackbook.

The authors take a close look at the new generation of global multinationals — such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple — and their tax avoidance tricks, as well as re-examining some familiar classics such as McDonald›s and Coca-Cola. They make it clear thateach and every one of us can make a difference, as there is an ever-increasing arsenal of weapons at our disposal to combat the growing threat of globalisation.

»This book will hardly fail to provoke a reaction. It attacks corporations at their most vulnerable point — their reputation.« Der Spiegel

Foreign Sales

Korea (Breathing Book), Serbia (Laguna)

Blackbook on Branded Companies

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