Anton and the Big Fight
Ole Könnecke

Anton and the Big Fight

Details about the book
  • date of publication: 27.02.2012
  • from age 3
  • 32 Pages
  • Hanser Verlag
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-446-23894-7
  • Deutschland: 12,90 €
  • Österreich: 13,30 €

Who’s the greatest? Who’s the strongest? The harder you try to win this battle, the higher your chances are of losing it...

It all starts harmlessly enough, as is so often the case with boys. Lukas insists he’s the stronger of the two, so Anton sets out to prove him wrong. They start off by lifting rocks, then tree trunks – even a piano in the end! – but neither of them manages to outdo the other. So they change tack, challenging each other to see who can produce the loudest noise instead – Lukas at the piano or Anton on the drums. Then Lukas picks up his outsize foghorn; but still the contest can’t be resolved. The whole thing is threatening to get out of hand when the girls turn up with juice and biscuits. They can all do with some refreshments, and peace is restored – until Anton claims he can easily eat more biscuits than Lukas…

Foreign Sales

France (Ecole des Loisirs); Denmark (Turbine); Sweden (Turbine); Italy (Beisler Editore); Spain (Catalan: Simbol); UK/US (Gecko Press); Netherlands (Gottmer); Hungary (Pagony); China (Love Reading), Turkey (ODTU Yayincilik)


Anton and the Big Fight


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