Adam, Who Told You That You`re Naked?

Adam, Who Told You That You`re Naked?

Michael Köhlmeier, Konrad Paul Liessmann

Who am I? What does freedom mean? These are major questions that myths and philosophy have attempted to answer.

Michael Köhlmeier is a great storyteller and Paul Liessmann is a brilliant philosopher, who is also capable of explaining complex models of thought. Together they have perfected the art of eliciting philosophical truths from myths. Michael Köhlmeier tells a story based on 12 key life terms, inspired by ancient sagas or folk tales. And to follow, Konrad Paul Liessmann reveals his interpretation of what he reads into these stories about the rules of the game and the possibilities of our world: responses to highly fundamental life questions. A marvellous literary-philosophical dialogue and a wonderfully pleasurable and intellectual read.

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Korea (Jae Seung Book Gold), Syria (Dar Ninawa)

Adam, Who Told You That You`re Naked?


Vortrag von Konrad Paul Liessmann: "Was ist und zu welchem Ende erwirbt man literarische Bildung"

Kurhaus Baden-Baden, Spiegelsaal,
Kaiserallee 1,
76530 Baden-Baden

Michael Köhlmeier: "Wer hat dir gesagt, dass du nackt bist, Adam?". In Kooperation mit: Meister Eckhart Forum der Düsseldorfer Dominikaner. Gespräch mit Pater Elias


"Wer hat dir gesagt, dass du nackt bist, Adam?" - Literatur trifft Philosophie. Ein Abend mit Michael Köhlmeier und Konrad Paul Liessmann.

Reichenau a.d. Rax
Schloßgärtnerei Wartholz LiteraturSalon,
Hauptstraße 113,
2651 Reichenau a.d. Rax

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