A State of Imbalance
Britta Mühlbauer

A State of Imbalance

Details about the book
  • date of publication: 29.07.2013
  • 384 Pages
  • Deuticke Verlag
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-552-06227-6
  • Deutschland: 19,90 €
  • Österreich: 20,50 €

  • ePUB-Format
  • E-Book ISBN 978-3-552-06237-5
  • E-Book Deutschland: 15,99 €

Women are permanently short-changed. Marlies Wolf ensures that for once they aren’t the victims, at least not the only ones. A spine-tingling psychological thriller.

Marlies is fuming with suppressed anger against the world and everyone in it when a childhood friendship with Valerie is rekindled by chance through Hanna Amberg, the manager of the DIY store. Valerie used to live in Marlies’ neighbourhood and as girls the two were inseparable – but now Marlies has to struggle to win back Valerie’s friendship.

Then another blast from the past turns up on the scene and also makes a play for Valerie: Alex, the eternal loudmouth. Through him Valerie gets drawn into in the shady world of prostitution and sex-trafficking. She sees things no one ought to see – and after witness ing a brutal attack, she is almost killed and falls into a coma. Beside herself with fury, Marlies takes the law into her own hands.

Britta Mühlbauer tells the story of a woman who pushes herself to her ultimate limits – and way beyond.

»A novel with powerful imagery reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino«. Paulus Hochgatterer

A State of Imbalance

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