A Light Above My Head
Dimitré Dinev

A Light Above My Head

Details about the book
  • date of publication: 28.02.2005
  • 192 Pages
  • Deuticke Verlag
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-552-06000-5
  • Deutschland: 17,90 €
  • Österreich: 18,40 €

Dinev gives a voice to the homeless and introduces us to a world that we will never forget - one of the most exciting literary discoveries of recent years.

In Dimitré Dinev's stories we meet workmen and refugees, priests, tax collectors, street-sweepers, taxi drivers, communists, soldiers, shoeshine boys, prisoners and policemen and their wives, children and lovers. A love-crazed inspector has a handbag made for his girlfriend from the skin of a convict; a man who cannot present a valid passport is beaten up so brutally that he sees the lights of a city he did not know before. Moments of kindness, of beauty and happiness are rare in these stories, but all the more brilliant when they occur.

Some stories are set in Bulgaria at the time of the Communists, others in Vienna, but Vienna as seen with the eyes of immigrants and underdogs who have to fight to survive every single day.

With an abundance of humour and in precise yet poetic prose, Dimitré Dinev portrays those who live on the fringes, people for whom "home" is a distant, unreachable island. In his very own, imploring, almost fairy-tale style Dinev does what only the great writers can do: permits the beautiful and the terrible to exist side-by-side as he takes us to a world we will never forget.

Foreign Sales

Romania (Rao), Bulgaria (Riva), Turkey (Kanat), Norway (Solum), France (le Ver á soie)

A Light Above My Head

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