A Legal Haziness of a Marriage

A Legal Haziness of a Marriage

Olga Grjasnowa

You don’t have to wait for a mid-life crisis, you can fuck up your life good and proper by your mid twenties.
Jonoun, Altay and Leyla have all the freedom in the world but they opt for a love that’s high risk even in this day and age. Leyla has had only one ambition since she was old enough to think: to be a dancer. But an accident forces her to leave the Bolshoi Theatre. Altay is a psychiatrist who won’t let another man close since the love of his life killed himself. Leyla and Altay enter a marriage of convenience in order to appease their families. When the couple decides to make a new start in Berlin, Jonoun enters their lives. Chaotic, gluttonous and unpredictable, Jonoun falls head-over-heels for Leyla, but Altay isn’t going to stand for it.

Olga Grjasnowa tells the story of two women and a man who yearn for love but don’t know how to handle it. A fast-paced love triangle narrated with great immediacy, an absorbing novel about happiness and heartbreak in a time when everything seems there for the taking.

Foreign Sales

Denmark (C&K), Croatia (Bozicevic), Netherlands (De Bezige Bij)

A Legal Haziness of a Marriage


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