A Flower for the Dead.
Friedrich Achleitner

A Flower for the Dead.

Details about the book
The Monuments of Bogdan Bogdanovi?
  • date of publication: 30.09.2013
  • 184 Pages
  • Zsolnay
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-3-552-05647-3
  • Deutschland: 34,90 €
  • Österreich: 35,90 €

A trans-national artistic statement both imposing and redemptive – Friedrich Achleitner describes Eastern Europe’s most striking memorials, created by Bogdan Bogdanovi?.

Bogdan Bogdanovi? (1922 - 2010) is the creator of the legendary »Flower of Stone« monument in Jasenovac as well as the Memorial Park at Vukovar on the Danube, which was awarded the Piranesi Prize for architecture before being partially destroyed during the Yugoslavian Civil War. His monuments, memorials and necropolises throughout former Yugoslavia bear witness to the cultural diversity and the tragic history of the Balkans. Collectively, they stand as an expression of Bogdan Bogdanovich’s vision: »Inclusive rather than exclusive, uniting rather than separating.«

In this photographic record, Friedrich Achleitner takes this as his central tenet to describe the vision of the architect, urbanist, writer, polymath and former mayor of Belgrade whom he befriended during Bogdanovich’s period of exile in Vienna. The two of them, and later Achleitner on his own, repeatedly visited all of Bogdanovich’s monuments, encountering memorials »devoted to life«, which not only »assume a special status in modern Europeanart but are distinctive in their uniqueness in the entire history of the European culture of remembrance during the 20th century.«

A Flower for the Dead.

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