Thilo Krause

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Thilo Krause

Thilo Krause, born in 1977 in Dresden, lives in Zurich. In 2012, he received the Swiss Literature Prize for his first volume of poems Und das ist alles genug, as well as the Clemens Brentano Prize of the City of Heidelberg in 2016 and the ZKB Schiller Prize for Um die Dinge ganz zu lassen (poems, 2015).

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What We Talk About When It Thunders

What We Talk About When It Thunders

“Thilo Krause lifts things out of everyday life — and makes them shine.”
Raoul Schrott

“Autumn. / In the streets / the moon-starved meet / We recognise each other / by how ...


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Thilo Krause


Thilo Krause: "Was wir reden, wenn es gewittert"

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