Tanja Dückers

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Tanja Dückers

Tanja Dückers was born in 1968. She lives in Berlin, working as a freelance author and journalist. Her work has won her numerous awards, and in 2006 she was selected by the German Historical Museum (DHM) in Berlin as one of the »100 most creative minds in Germany«.

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Cat’s-Eye-Flash-Gun-Glittery-Ghost-Grape-Green Green

Cat’s-Eye-Flash-Gun-Glittery-Ghost-Grape-Green Green

It’s always really exciting when Lara comes to visit. She tells Finja things that would never occur to anyone else. Every time she turns up she’s got a new idea – and her latest one is all ...


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Tanja Dückers


Tanja Dückers: "Katzenaugen-grüne-Trauben-Blitzer-Glitzer-Geistergrün"

Bibliothek Neubrandenburg,
Marktplatz 1,
17033 Neubrandenburg

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2015 SR-Kinder- und Jugendbuchliste Frühjahr 2015


Im Hanser Kinderbuch:
2015  Katzenaugen-grüne-Trauben-Blitzer-Glitzer-Geistergrün. Bilderbuch. Mit Illustrationen von Katja Gehrmann