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Sybille Heinborn in 1970, works as a children’s author, cabaret artist and designer. She has been illustrating children’s books since 1990. 2004 saw the publication of her own frst picture book as well as Claudia Schreiber’s children’s book Sultan und Kotzbrocken, to which Hein contributed the illustrations. The sequel Sultan und Kotzbrocken in einer Welt ohne Kissen has been published in 2014. She won several major cabaret prizes and the Austrian Children’s and Young Reader’s Literature Award for her illustrations. She lives with her husband and two children in Berlin.

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Luca und Ludmilla

Luca und Ludmilla

Luca’s life doesn’t look to bright right about now. His biggest dream to become the drummer of the school band just burst and his father is stranded on the couch like a sad walrus. But even ...

Prince Slowpoke

Prince Slowpoke

Chasing thieves? Catching giants? Saving the world? Dreamy Prince Slowpoke prefers to leave that sort of thing to his big brothers. But even the slowest of the slow gets there in the end – on ...

The Sultan and Scumbag in
a World without Cushions

The Sultan and Scumbag in a World without Cushions

The sultan thinks it’s great fun to just laze about. Doing nothing at all is his favourite pastime – as long as there’s plenty of servants around to cater to his every whim. But what ...

Sultan and Scumbag

Sultan and Scumbag

A master must give orders. And a servant must obey. Claudia Schreiber's hilariously funny stories, however, turn that relationship upside-down: the lazy sultan discovers how much fun it is to do ...

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Sybille Hein & Band, "Luca und Ludmilla" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

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Sybille Hein und ihr furioser Hexentrommler Rafat Muhammad, "Luca und Ludmilla", Stuttgarter Kinder- und Jugendbuchwochen

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Im Hanser Kinder- und Jugendbuch:

2004   Sultan und Kotzbrocken. Kinderbuch. Text von Claudia Schreiber
2014   Sultan und Kotzbrocken in einer Welt ohne Kissen. Kinderbuch. Text von Claudia Schreiber 
2016   Prinz Bummelletzter. Bilderbuch