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Stefan Weidner

Stefan Weidner, born in 1967, travelled independently as a student to North Africa. Later he studied Islamic studies, philosophy and German studies in Göttingen, Damascus, Berkeley and Bonn and began his career as a literary critic and translator of Arabic poetry. From 2001-2016 he worked as editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine Art & Thought / Fikrun wa Fann, published by the Goethe Institute in English, Arabic and Persian. His latest publications include Mohammedanische Versuchungen (2004) and Manual für den Kampf der Kulturen. Warum der Islam eine Herausforderung ist (2008). He has received the Clemens Brentano Prize, the Johann Heinrich Voß Prize and the Paul Scheerbart Prize for his work, among others. Stefan Weidner lives in Cologne.

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Beyond the West

Beyond the West

The period of Western superiority is over

We have got used to Europe and North America dominating the world. But now other major powers are making political and economic claims, and ...


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Stefan Weidner


Stefan Weidner: "Jenseits des Westens. Für ein neues kosmopolitisches Denken"

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