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Sabine Scholl, born in 1959 in Upper Austria, studied German, history and drama in Vienna. She has been a full-time writer since 1990, as well as holding lectureships at several higher education institutes, including the German Institute of Literature in Leipzig, and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She has lived in Chicago, New York and Japan, and currently resides in Berlin. Her work includes: Die Geheimen Aufzeichnungen Marinas (2000), Sehnsucht Manhattan (2004), Sprachlos in Japan – Notizen zur Globalen Seele (2007). She has received many awards, including: Austrian Stipend for Literature (1995), Adalbert Stifter Grant (2000), and Elias Canetti Stipend (2006).

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Sabine Scholl



Im Deuticke Verlag ist erschienen
2010 Giftige Kleider. Roman
2011 Tödliche Tulpen. Roman

Weitere Veröffentlichungen (Auswahl)
1990 Fehler, Fallen, Kunst
1991 Fette Rosen
1993 Haut an Haut
1994 Gut im Bild
1994 Wie komme ich dazu
1996 All ihre Körper
1999 Die Welt als Ausland
2000 Die Geheimen Aufzeichnungen Marinas
2004 Sehnsucht Manhattan
2005 Lissabonner Impressionen
2007 Sprachlos in Japan - Notizen zur globalen Seele