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Richard Saage

Richard Saage was born in Tülau, Lower Saxony in 1941. A political scientist and Professor of Political Theory and History of Ideas at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg until 2006, his books include Das Ende der politischen Utopie? (1990), Faschismustheorien (revised new edition 1997) and Zwischen Darwin und Marx (2012)

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The First President: Karl Renner

The First President: Karl Renner

Karl Renner (1870–1950) was Austrian Chancellor and President of the National Council; he was Federal President and founder of two republics – yet to this day he is regarded as one of the ...

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Richard Saage



Im Paul Zsolnay Verlag erschienen:
2016 Der erste Präsident. Karl Renner - eine politische Biografie

Weitere Werke (Auswahl):
1990 Das Ende der politischen Utopie?
1997 Faschismustheorien (Neuauflage)
2012 Zwischen Darwin und Marx