Petra Rappo
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Petra Rappo

Petra Rappo was born in 1969, and has worked on numerous books as a graphic designer and illustrator since 1992. Her book Baum an Baum was included in the 2016 Buchkunst Foundation`s List of Most Beautiful German Books. The book designer, graphic artist and visual artist lives in Basel, where she was born.

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Nile, Nile, I’m coming!

Nile, Nile, I’m coming!

A little hippo lives in the zoo, between railings, tufts of grass, and a whole lot of dust. If he was as tall as the giraffe, he would be able to see the Nile. If the pool wasn’t so dirty, he ...

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Petra Rappo


Petra Rappo: "Nil, Nil, ich komme" - Lesung im Rahmen des Internationalen Literaturfestivals BuchBasel | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

Clarastrasse 13,
4058 Basel

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