Mirjam Zadoff
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Mirjam Zadoff

Mirjam Zadoff was born in 1974 in Innsbruck, read Historyand Jewish Studies at the University of Vienna andreceived her PhD in Modern and Contemporary Historyin Munich. Today, she is a lecturer at the Institute forJewish History and Culture at the Ludwig MaximilianUniversity in Munich. Her book Nächstes Jahr in Marienbadwas awarded several prestigious prizes.

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Job the Red

Job the Red

Born in Berlin in 1895, he could have grown up to take over his parents' printing company.
Instead, he joined the Socialist Workers' Youth, married a woman from the humblest of backgrounds ...

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Mirjam Zadoff


2014 Fraenkel Prize in Contemporary History


Im Carl Hanser Verlag erschienen
2014 Der rote Hiob. Das Leben des Werner Scholem