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Marlene Groihofer

Marlene Groihofer, born in 1989, is a journalist. She has received several awards for her radio programme on Gertrude Pressburger (including the Prelate Leopold  Ungar Prize in 2016, the Karl Renner Journalist Prize in 2016, and the New York Festivals Radio Award in 2017)

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Lived, Lived Through, Survived

Lived, Lived Through, Survived

“It’s not the most decent things that are brought out in people, but the basest.” Gertrude Pressburger’s simple and urgent warning of “the rhetoric of the extreme” was broadcast all ...

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Marlene Groihofer


Marlene Groihofer liest aus "Gelebt, erlebt, überlebt"

Domberg 27,
85354 Freising

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2018 Gertrude Pressburger: Gelebt, erlebt, überlebt. Aufgezeichnet von Marlene Groihofer. Mit einem Nachwort von Oliver Rathkolb