Lydia Möcklinghoff

Lydia Möcklinghoff

Lydia Möcklinghoff born in 1981, is a zoologist and researcher of anteaters. She has lived in Brazil for ten years where she can get close up to the subject of her doctorate. In Germany she is a welcome talkshow guest and successful science-slammer. In 2015, she published her travel blog Ich glaub mein Puma pfeift as a book. Her longterm aim is to ensure better protection in the future for the Giant Anteater and its endangered Brazilian habitat.

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The Super Snoopers

The Super Snoopers

It’s a mystery why the anteater isn’t extinct. He’s slow, has bad eyesight and has a brain the size of a pea. Lydia Möcklinghoff, Germany’s most famous expert on anteaters, takes the ...


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Lydia Möcklinghoff


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