Liliana Corobca

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Liliana Corobca

Liliana Corobca was born in Moldavia’s Saseni-Calarasi region in 1975. A scholar, historian and writer, she now lives in Bucharest. She has published several books on literary censorship in communist Romania. Her novel Ein Jahr im Paradies (Edition Merz/Solitude) was published in German translation in 2010 and the novel Der erste Horizont meines Lebens in 2015.

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My Life’s First Horizon

My Life’s First Horizon

Liliana Corobca tells the story of a girl in a Moldavian village whose parents are forced to go abroad to earn a living. An impressive new literary voice.

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Liliana Corobca


Liliana Corobca: "Der erste Horizont meines Lebens"

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