Libuse Moníková

Libuse Moníková, born 1945 in Prague, emigrated to Germany in 1971 and taught at the Universities of Kassel and Bremen . She died in 1998 in Berlin. In 1987 Hanser Verlag published her novel Die Fassade (The Facade, 1987) which was translated into many languages and for which she was awarded the Alfred Döblin Preis. Further publications in Hanser Verlag include Schloß, Aleph und Wunschtorte (Castle, Aleph and Birthday Cake, Essays, 1990), Treibeis (Drift-Ice, Novel, 1992) and Prager Fenster (A Window to Prague, Essays, 1994),Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night, 1996).

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The Damage / Pavane for a Deceased Infanta

The Damage / Pavane for a Deceased Infanta

Libuse Moníková's early novels, published in Germany in 1981 and 1983, cover the same topic: a world of suppression and the attempts of two women to resist it – a university teacher from ...

On Trembling Ground

On Trembling Ground

Libuše Moníková's stories and novels made her one of the most important chroniclers of a divided Central Europe. Born in Prague but writing her books in German – the language of Kafka – ...

Transfigured Night

Transfigured Night

After twenty years of working abroad as the director of an international ballet ensemble, Leonora Marty returns to Prague to give guest performances and to work on a new choreography. On her ...

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Libuse Moníková


1997 Arno-Schmidt-Stipendium

1995 Roswitha-Gedenkmedaille

1995 Literaturpreis der Stadt Bad Gandersheim

1994 Stadtschreiber-Literaturpreis des ZDF und der Stadt Mainz

1993 Vilencia-Literaturpreis

1992 Berliner Literaturpreis

1992 Johannes-Bobrowski-Medaille

1991 Adelbert von Chamisso-Preis

1989 Franz-Kafka-Literaturpreis

1987 Alfred-Döblin-Preis


Im Carl Hanser Verlag sind erschienen
1987 Die Fassade. Roman
1990 Schloß, Aleph, Wunschtorte. Essays
1992 Treibeis. Roman
1994 Prager Fenster. Essays
1996 Verklärte Nacht. Roman
2000 Der Taumel. Roman
2003 Eine Schädigung und Pavane für eine verstorbene Infantin