Karl-Heinz Ott

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Karl-Heinz Ott

Karl-Heinz Ott was born in 1957 in Ehingen on the Danube. His work has earned him numerous awards including the Friedrich Hölderlin Promotional Award (1999), the Aleman Literature Prize (2005), the LiteraTour Nord Award (2006), the Johann Peter Hebel Prize (2012) and the Wolfgang Koeppen Prize (2014). Resurrection is his first novel with Hanser.

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Father is lying in state. With his death, the last thread linking the four siblings is severed. But before they inform anyone, the inheritance has to be divided up – provided of course that ...


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Karl-Heinz Ott


Karl-Heinz Ott: "Die Auferstehung". Im Rahmen von "Unter Sternen - Vorlesen im August"

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79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

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Im Carl Hanser Verlag erschienen
2015 Die Auferstehung. Roman (ET: 24.08.2015)