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Janne Teller

Janne Teller was born in 1964 in Copenhagen. She worked as an economic consultant and conflict advisor for the European Union and the United Nations before starting to write fulltime in 1995. Her publications include Komm (2012), Europa. Alles was dir fehlt (2011), Odins Insel (2003), as well as the books for young readers Nichts – Was im Leben wichtig ist (2010) and Krieg – Stell dir vor, er wäre hier (2011).

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All that Matters

All that Matters

What compels a young man to use gratuitous violence? Is there any way of understanding intolerance and extremism? When is revenge an acceptable motive? Can you hold people responsible for their ...



It is winter. It is night-time. It is snowing. The publisher is still sitting at his desk. He has just entrusted a promising new manuscript from his bestselling author to the printers. Suddenly, ...



With War Janne Teller once again undertakes a haunting thought experiment: she
drives home what it means to be a war refugee - simply by shifting perspective.

Imagine there was a ...



This book has triggered heated debates and will continue to do so: Nothing is a parable about the meaning of life – intense and primal, at once thoroughly chilling and deeply moving.

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Janne Teller


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"Janne Teller schreibt Jugendbücher von einer Brisanz, die auch Erwachsene aufrüttelt." Sacha Verna, Tages-Anzeiger, 04.04.11


2014 Nominierung für den Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis

2014 Favorit der Leipziger Jugend-Literatur-Jury

2013 Beste 7 Bücher für junge Leser, Deutschlandfunk

2013 Buch des Monats Dt. Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur

2011 Kinder- und Jugendbuchliste (Radio Bremen & SR)

2011 Printz Award

2010 Luchs (Die Zeit & Radio Bremen)

2010 Eule des Monats (Bulletin für Jugend & Literatur)

2010 Bayern 2 Favoriten


Im Hanser Kinderbuch sind erschienen:
2010 Nichts. Was im Leben wichtig ist. Jugendbuch
2011 Krieg - Stell dir vor, er wäre hier. Jugendbuch
2013 Alles - worum es geht. Jugendbuch

Im Carl Hanser Verlag ist erschienen:
2012 Komm. Roman
2014 Afrikanische Wege (Hanser Box)

Weitere Veröffentlichungen: 
2002 Odins Insel. Roman
2010 Europa - Alles, was dir fehlt. Roman