Ivana Bodrozic

Ivana Bodrozic

Ivana Bodrožić  was born in 1982 in Vukovar, Croatia. Her poems have appeared in international literary magazines and anthologies, and her debut novel has won her numerous awards, including the Kiklop-Prize 2010.

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Hotel Nowhere

Hotel Nowhere

The girl is nine years old when she is sent to the seaside in the summer of 1991 – but the holiday turns into a timely escape, because war breaks out in her hometown of Vukovar while she’s ...


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Ivana Bodrozic


Ivana Bodrodzic: "Hotel Nirgendwo" | Zur Veranstaltungs-Website

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2012 Hotel Nirgendwo. Roman. Aus dem Kroatischen Marica Bodrozic