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Hanno Beck, born in 1966, was a member of the the economics department at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung until 2006. Since then he has been a Professor of Economics and Economic Policy at the University of Pforzheim. Hanno Beck is the author of numerous books, including "Der Alltagsökonom" ("The Everyday Economist"); the work "Geld denkt nicht" ("Money Does Not Think"), was published at Hanser in 2012.

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The Great Money Melt-Down

The Great Money Melt-Down

The unholy alliance of state, federal reserve and financial markets has led us into the financial abyss. The value of our currency, our assets and the whole economy are in jeopardy.


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Hanno Beck


2015 Deutscher Finanzbuchpreis

2013 Deutscher Finanzbuchpreis


Im Carl Hanser Verlag sind erschienen:
2010 Zahlungsbefehl
2011 Abgebrannt
2012 Geld denkt nicht
2014 Die große Geldschmelze
2015 Bullshit Economics. Hanser Box