Friedmar Apel

Friedmar Apel, born in 1948, teaches literature at the University of Bielefeld and regularly writes book reviews for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. His most recent book was Nanettes Gedächtnis (2009).

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A Feast for the Eyes

A Feast for the Eyes

According to Goethe, you only see what you know, while Novalis thought of seeing as a poetic process in which memory and intuition coincide with how we view the world. Nowadays it is scientists ...

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Friedmar Apel



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Das Buch Fritze
2009 Nanettes Gedächtnis  
Im Carl Hanser Verlag ist erschienen
2010 Das Auge liest mit. Zur Visualisierung der Literatur (ET: 6. September  2010)