Elke Mühlleitner

Elke Mühlleitner is a psychologist and sociologist who lives in Giessen in Germany. She lectures and writes on the history of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, and has contributed definitive works of biographical research. Her books include: Otto Fenichel, 119 Rundbriefe 1934–1945, edited by Elke Mühlleitner and Hannes Reichmayr (1998).

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Otto Fenichel: the Biography

Otto Fenichel: the Biography

"In this day and age in particular, when psychoanalysis is in danger of falling apart in a tide of uncertainty, people like him are of enormous importance, and his death is a tragic loss," wrote ...

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Elke Mühlleitner




Im Paul Zsolnay Verlag ist erschienen
2008 Ich-Fenichel. Das Leben eines Psychoanalytikers im 20. Jahrhundert

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1992 Biographisches Lexikon der Psychoanalyse
2007 Die akademische Hintertreppe