Dieter Borchmeyer

Dieter Borchmeyer, born 1941, professor for German literature at the University of Heidelberg, is the author of numerous publications on Weimar Classicism and the literature of the 19th and early 20th century.

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Goethe, Citizen of his Time

Goethe, Citizen of his Time

"They don't like me", the sixty-year-old Goethe remarked of the Germans, "and I don't like them either!" Nevertheless it was he who provided the parentheses that encompassed all the contradictory ...

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Dieter Borchmeyer


2005 Verleihung der Ehrendoktorwürde durch die Université Paul-Valéry,

2000 Ehrenmitglied der Ungarischen Goethe-Gesellschaft

2000 Karl-Vossler-Preis


Im Carl Hanser Verlag sind erschienen
1997 Des Grauens Süße
1999 Goethe der Zeitbürger