Dejan Enev
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Dejan Enev

Dejan Enev, born 1960 in Sofia, studied Bulgarian language and literature at the University of Sofia. He  has worked as a painter, night watchman, paramedic, copywriter and journalist. Currently,  he is a contributor to the cultural section of the newspaper Sega. Enev has published seven  collections of stories in Bulgaria and is the recipient of several literary awards.

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Circus Bulgaria

Circus Bulgaria

Each day round midnight, a man watches a beautiful young woman emerge from a taxi and disappear into the house across the road. Then, one evening, his doorbell rings and the woman of his dreams ...

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Dejan Enev


"Der großartige Skizzenmeister der bulgarischen Literatur." Gerhard Beckmann / Ulli Kulke, Die Welt, 24.02.08



Im Deuticke Verlag ist erschienen
2008 Zirkus Bulgarien. Geschichten für eine Zigarettenlänge. Aus dem Bulgarischen von Katrin Zemmrich und Norbert Randow