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Christoph Quarch

Christoph Quarch born in 1964, is a philosopher, writer, consultant and keynote speaker. He provides support to companies, teaches at several institutes of higher education and in cooperation with ZEIT Reisen, organizes philosophical trips. He lives in Fulda.

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Save the Game!

Save the Game!

Man is only wholly a man when he is playing. What Schiller once believed is nowadays confirmed by neurological research: during play, people develop their potential, and experience the feeling of ...


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Christoph Quarch


Christoph Quarch: "Spiel! Wo wir ganz lebendig sind. Ein Philosophietag"

Kath.Akademie Rhein-Neckar, Heinrich-Pesch-Haus,
Frankenthaler Straße 229 Ludwigshafen

Christoph Quarch: "Rettet das Spiel! Weil Leben mehr als funktionieren ist."

Spielmobilkongress Karlsruhe

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Im Carl Hanser Verlag ist erschienen:
2016 Rettet das Spiel! (zusammen mit Gerald Hüther)