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Anja Kampmann

Anja Kampmann was born in 1983 in Hamburg. She studied at the University of Hamburg and the German Literature In-stitute in Leipzig. She won her first literary competition in 2006, when she was invited to Berlin as an Open Mike finalist. Since then, her poetry has won multiple awards and attracted grant-funding. She has published widely in journals including Akzente. In March 2015, she was awarded the Wolfgang Weyrauch Promotion Prize.

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Samples of Stone and Light

Samples of Stone and Light

I never saw so much snow
never so many tracts of land frozen so thick
cold and icestill like the land that turns away from us

So begins Anja Kampmann’s exploration of ...


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Anja Kampmann


Anja Kampmann: "Proben von Stein und Licht". Im Rahmen der unabhängigen Lesereihe "Hafenlesung Hamburg"

Große Elbstraße 14,
22767 Hamburg

Anja Kampmann: "Proben von Stein und Licht". Im Rahmen des Festivals "Literatur Jetzt!"

Japanisches Palais,
Palaisplatz 11,
01097 Dresden

Anja Kampmann: "Proben von Stein und Licht". Mit: Markus Orths

Heinrich-Heine-Haus Lüneburg,
Am Ochsenmarkt 1,
21335 Lüneburg

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2015 Wolfgang-Weyrauch-Förderpreis

2013 MDR-Literaturpreis

2010 International Writing Program, University of Iowa


Im Carl Hanser Verlag erschienen
2016 Proben von Stein und Licht. Gedichte