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Andrea Grill

Andrea Grill was born in Bad Ischl in 1975. She studied in Salzburg and Thessaloniki amongst other places, and received her doctorate on the evolution of endemic butterflies in Sardinia from the University of Amsterdam. Grill now lives in Vienna. In 2001 she was awarded the Bremen Literature Prize’s promotional award, and in 2013 the City of Vienna’s literary sponsorship grant. Her last publication was the poetry collection Safari, Innere Wildnis.

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Dr Caspari's Paradise

Dr Caspari's Paradise

Nocturnal butterflies that feed on human tears on an exotic island: this is the subject of Dr Caspari’s research– and Andrea Grill’s new novel, which explores the sensuality of nature.


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Andrea Grill


Andrea Grill: "Das Paradies des Doktor Caspari"

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