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  • Konstantin Wecker

    A Child That Lived in the Trees

    If only it could be true: "Because you like me, I can fly/over the rooftops, way up high/Because you like me, it's a lark/To mock the ghosts who come when it's dark". Wouldn't that be great, ... More about this title

  • Sigrid Weigel

    Ingeborg Bachmann

    25 years after Ingeborg Bachmann's death, Sigrid Weigel presents the first complete examination of her work, drawing not only upon the resources of her literary estate but also following traces ... More about this title

  • Ulrich Weinzierl


    "He was the greatest writer of our age" noted Arthur Schnitzler in his diary in July 1929, just a few days after Hugo von Hofmannsthal's death. "Few people have been idolised as unquestioningly ... More about this title

  • David E. Wellbery

    Paradox's Ropedancers

    Friedrich Schlegel was the first to demand that literature not only describe but also deliver the terms of description. Thereby it enters a paradoxical space where unity and differentiation ... More about this title

  • Albrecht Wellmer

    The Grammar of Sound

    An attempt at understanding the connection between music and language
    Music is generally considered an art form that exists beyond the realm of language, but the fact remains that the structures which differentiate music from mere unformulated sounds are comparable ... More about this title

  • Niels Werber

    The Geopolitics of Literature

    Literature has always created maps of real and imaginary worlds. Artificial cartographies, originally introduced for orientation in the world of fiction have affected reality, too, influencing ... More about this title

  • Otto Karl Werckmeister

    Icons of the Left

    Icons of the Left is Otto Karl Werckmeister's term for works of art that arouse ideological controversy and are interpreted by the left-wing intelligentia as canonical manifestations of the age. ... More about this title

  • Florian Werner

    The Cow

    Its life, works, and cultural significance
    She is a ubiquitous presence in all our lives: as a vehicle for both farmers and advertisers, a subject for research scientists and poets, and ever-present in the form of lucky charms, children's ... More about this title

  • Johannes Willms


    A biography
    Thanks to new German translations of The Red and the Black and The Charterhouse of Parma, Stendhal has recently been rediscovered as one of the greatest novelists of world literature. But the ... More about this title

  • Bernd Witte

    Jewish Tradition and Literary Modernism

    Bernard Witte looks at the work of Heinrich Heine, Martin Buber, Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin as he outlines the influence of Jewish narrative tradition on modern German literature. Oral ... More about this title

  • Kristian Wachinger

    Pictures from his Life

    Pictures of the proud business house at the Lower Danube and of the synagogue tucked-away in a Manchester side street, family portraits from the turn of the century, snapshots of sculptor and ... More about this title

  • Andrea von Wiedebach

    “You and I are Pure Inspiration”. Letters to Andrea Edited by Andrea von Wiedebach

    The story of a unique affection that unfolds in letters between the 44-year-old composer and his niece, 27 years his junior.

    Following the premiere of his opera Dantons Tod at the ... More about this title

  • Franz Willnauer

    Gustav Mahler "My Esteemed Colleague!"

    Letters to composers, conductors, directors
    When Gustav Mahler died in 1911, he left behind his extensive correspondence consisting of several thousand letters. Among the addressees we find the composers Anton Bruckner, Antonín Dvorák, ... More about this title

  • Franz Willnauer

    Gustav Mahler . "My Darling Shrew, My Sweet Poppy"

    Hamburg in the early autumn of 1895: Anna von Mildenburg, a 23-year-old-singer, makes her debut at the Stadttheater as Brünnhilde in Richard Wagner's Walküre and is an overnight sensation. The ... More about this title

  • Hubert Witt

    As the Hotel Room Said to the Guest

    A book to replace entire libaries: Günter Kunert's compendium on life and love, children's games and the end of the world, friends and foes, dreams and nightmares – in short, all the grim and ... More about this title

  • Hubert Witt

    Emergency Information

    "Time heals all wounds, except the last one." Günter Kunert confronts life's tribulations with a generous dose of cynicism – and collects things to remember in everyday emergencies.
    More about this title

  • Hubert Witt

    The Comforts of Catastrophe

    “One day I read somewhere that we sleep away half our lives,” writes Günter Kunert, “and I have to say it really doesn’t bother me that much.” Perhaps that’s because the world as we ... More about this title

1-17 of 17 titles

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