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  • Klaus Taschwer

    Konrad Lorenz

    A Biography
    Nobel prize winner, successful author and rebellious spirit: Konrad Lorenz was one of the most popular scientists of our time. For his 100th birthday, Klaus Taschwer und Benedikt Föger present ... More about this title

  • Janne Teller

    All that Matters

    What compels a young man to use gratuitous violence? Is there any way of understanding intolerance and extremism? When is revenge an acceptable motive? Can you hold people responsible for their ... More about this title

  • Dieter Thomä

    Daddy's Coming Home: the End of the Fatherless Society

    A Story of Modern-Day Heroes
    It's not easy to be a father in this day and age. Some want him to be strong, others want him weak. Dieter Thomä, the philosopher who specialises in family issues, pinpoints the time when the ... More about this title

  • Armin Thurnher

    Home Defeat

    The political turn of events in Austria put an end to the all-embracing, suffocating harmony of Social/Christian Democratic coalition and social partnership. However, the final breaking up of ... More about this title

  • Urs Tinner

    How I Stopped Gaddafi’s Bomb

    From 2004, Urs Tinner spent time in prisons in Germany and Switzerland without charge on suspicion of breaching the Materials of War act. In 1988 he had worked for Abdul Kadir Khan – the ... More about this title

  • Ilija Trojanow

    The Assault on Liberty

    The obsession with national security, ‘Big Brother' surveillance, and the sacrifice of our civil rights
    Everyone wants to get hold of our personal information. The state wants to know the biological demographics of its population. Marketing strategists can't get enough information on their ... More about this title

  • Ilija Trojanow

    The Raging Globe

    Bulgaria-born, raised in Africa, educated in Germany, Ilija Trojanow lives now, after long sojourns in Arabia, Africa and India, in the Austrian capital of Vienna. His only home is the German ... More about this title

  • Peter Truschner

    The Dreamers

    While Iris cooks for the rich and the beautiful, Robert, her husband, enters a downward spiral that soon expels him into the so-called lower classes. A highly topical novel abou

    Iris ... More about this title

  • Anja Tuckermann

    Just don´t think we´re going to stay

    Hugo Höllenreiner is the chief of a big clan of Sinti travellers in Bavaria. He survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen and needed fifty years until he could talk about it. He tells many things for ... More about this title

1-9 of 9 titles

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