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Friederike Barakat, Anne Brans, Stefanie Eckl & Annette Lechner

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  • Janne Teller

    All that Matters

    What compels a young man to use gratuitous violence? Is there any way of understanding intolerance and extremism? When is revenge an acceptable motive? Can you hold people responsible for their ... More about this title

  • Jörg Thomann

    Our Heroes

    From Flipper to Lady Gaga
    We’ve all got a soft spot for our childhood heroes – Donald Duck, the Hardy Boys or Flipper – everyone has a favourite. Past heroes like the Beatles or Batman or modern icons like Lady Gaga ... More about this title

  • Christine Traber

    The Hangman's Lot

    A poor child is left to stew in a cauldron; a father beheads his sons without reason or remorse; a beautiful young girl devours a wolf’s heart… Ingo Schulze and Christine Traber pick up ... More about this title

  • Ilija Trojanow

    Where Orpheus Lies Buried

    Ilija Trojanow and Christian Muhrbeck have travelled the length and breadth of the Balkans for years, exploring the region’s varied facets, from its archaic culture through the blood-soaked ... More about this title

1-4 of 4 titles

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