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welcome to the Foreign Rights page of Carl Hanser Verlag.
Please see below for information on the authors and titles to which we
control world rights. You can also download our latest Foreign Rights Catalogues.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in translation rights
or if you wish to receive a reading copy.

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your Foreign Rights team
Friederike Barakat, Anne Brans, Stefanie Eckl & Annette Lechner

Foreign Rights Service 2014 Spring

Foreign Rights Service 2013 Autumn

New books

Neuerscheinungen Frühjahr 2014

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  • Pamela Pabst

    The Things That You Can’t See

    Pamela Pabst set her heart on a career in the legal profession at the tender age of eleven, refusing to allow her blindness to stand in the way of her ambition. In collaboration with author ... More about this title

  • Roberto Piumini

    Matti and his Grandpa

    "This is one of only a handful of books, for children or adults, that shows with such unassuming certainty how when we hold someone in our memory, they are never lost." Siggi Seuß in DIE ZEIT
    More about this title

  • Ingrid Puganigg

    Two Women Waiting for their Chance

    One novel, two authors: a story of friendship and growing old; a tale of tears and laughter. A travesty of comic melancholy – a masked ball.

    Two women writers get together after a ... More about this title

  • Helmut Pfotenhauer

    Eternity Enshrined in Black and White

    “Letters are just thinner books,” Jean Paul once said, and that certainly holds true in his case. His love letters – to Charlotte von Kalb, Emilie von Berlepsch, Caroline von Feuchtersleben ... More about this title

1-4 of 4 titles

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