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  • Manfred Mai

    A History Reader

    Concision and clarity – those were the characteristics of Manfred Mai?s Weltgeschichte which earned the book such resounding and unanimous praise. But of course there is much, much more to say ... More about this title

  • Manfred Mai

    A Vision of a Better World

    Mankind’s greatest utopian dreams
    A treasure trove of information for all young people who sometimes despair of the world we live in: Manfred Mai presents mankind’s great utopian visions and gives us plenty to discuss.
    More about this title

  • Manfred Mai

    European History

    From antiquity to the struggle for European unity – Manfred Mai traces the development of our continent with a historian's expert knowledge and the flair
    of the experienced storyteller.
    More about this title

  • Manfred Mai

    What Makes Mankind Human?

    The Life of Friedrich Schiller
    The classic author rehabilitated as a man of flesh and blood, his work liberated from dusty school shelves: this Schiller biography for young readers underlines, once again, the narrative and ... More about this title

  • Jürgen Manthey


    The Cosmopolitan Republic
    Königsberg has vanished from the map. But in our minds the former East Prussian metropolis lives on, for Königsberg was the birthplace of the enlightened citizen, the protagonist of our modern ... More about this title

  • Digne M. Marcovicz


    The Last Witnesses
    How to approach the horror of Auschwitz in a time when many young people no longer want to look at the history of this and other sites of Nazi brutality?

    Digne M. Marcovicz has found ... More about this title

  • Michael Martens

    In Search of Heroes

    The Story of the Soldier Who Would Not Kill
    In the middle of the Second World War a German soldier refuses to shoot and kill partisans; he is consequently shot himself. Was this a one-off occurrence? Michael Martens on the trail of a ... More about this title

  • Kurt Marti

    A Potful of Time

    One of Switzerland's leading post-war writers, he is without doubt the most important Swiss poet and Protestant. Here, Kurt Marti, the man who has had such a significant influence on many younger ... More about this title

  • Wilfried Meichtry

    The Witches’ Glade and the Murderer’s Stone

    Stories from the magical Pfyn Forest
    Monster hunters, highwayman, secret lovers, and renegades – Pfyn Forest in the Rhône Valley has always possessed a magic allure for adventurers and fortune-seekers. Wilfried Meichtry traces ... More about this title

  • Christian Meier

    The Disappearance of the Present

    Christian Meier believes historians should step forth from the ivory towers of academia to contribute actively to public discourse. But what qualifications does the historian have for such a ... More about this title

  • Erik Meyer

    A place you would like to visit

    How should Germany commemorate the murder of European Jews? Claus Leggewie and Erik Meyer explore the background of the fiercely-disputed Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

    In May 2005, the ... More about this title

  • Tilde Michels

    Falcon Castle

    Knights, castles and witches - there was a lot going on in the Middle Ages, and Jonas's biggest wish is to see all of it in reality. One day, when he visits an old ruin, he meets a mysterious man ... More about this title

  • Jochen Missfeldt

    Ode to the Grey Town on the Sea

    Theodor Storm: the Life of a Man in his Time - Biography
    With poems like Knecht Ruprecht and Du Graue Stadt am Meer, Theodor Storm (1817-1888) set the tone for the generation following Eichendorff, Heine and Mörike. His novellas – from Immensee to ... More about this title

  • Verena Moritz

    The Night of Kirpitschnikov

    An Alternative History of World War I
    The First World War is an ideal field in which to discover characters who have triggered or accelerated decisive political developments. Timofej Kirpitchnikov is one of these more or less unknown ... More about this title

  • Elke Mühlleitner

    Otto Fenichel: the Biography

    The life of a 20th Century Psychoanalyst
    "In this day and age in particular, when psychoanalysis is in danger of falling apart in a tide of uncertainty, people like him are of enormous importance, and his death is a tragic loss," wrote ... More about this title

  • Hans-Harald Müller

    Leo Perutz

    Prague, Vienna, Tel Aviv – these were the life stations of the great novelist Leo Perutz who died fifty years ago. In his biography, Hans-Harald Müller honours a representative of the "old", ... More about this title

  • Lothar Müller

    White Magic. The Paper Age

    Paper is much older than the printing press and was the most important means of communication in western civilisation long before the invention of printing. As well as fulfilling basic economic ... More about this title

  • Ulrike Migdal

    Will the Suffering Ever End?

    Letters and poems from Theresienstadt
    Newly discovered manuscripts: descriptions of Nazi terror and soothing songs from the Children's Infirmary. The deeply moving testament of a young woman, a poet whose songs and images of courage ... More about this title

  • Hildegard Müller

    The Story of Music

    Rudolf Herfurtner tells the history of music in stories. Some of them are funny, some strange, others are scary or sad. But they have one thing in common: they make you want to hear music.
    More about this title

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