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  • Ilja Kabakow

    The Art of the Installation

    Ilja Kabakow, one of the most important contemporary Russian artists, and Boris Groys, art theoretician and philosopher, engage in a brilliant dialogue that draws upon their long and close ... More about this title

  • Wolfgang Kemp

    Foreign Affairs

    Why Germany of all places? A hundred years ago there were many good reasons for English writers to cross the Channel and travel along the Rhine, spend a few weeks in Berlin, tour the island of ... More about this title

  • Florian Klinger

    Theory of Form

    Gerhard Richter and Art in an Age of Pragmatism
    Klinger’s study focuses principally on the analysis of form, production methods and the effect of structure in Gerhard Richter’s eclectic canon. From this vantage point, he views his oeuvre ... More about this title

  • Michael Köhlmeier

    Mozart and the Kill-Joy

    An intelligent and entertaining confrontation with the omnipresent "genius" Mozart.

    Suppose Mozart's talent had only been average? What if his early works had been composed by his ... More about this title

  • Michael Köhlmeier

    The Adventures of Joel Spazierer

    “It was never my ambition to be a man of virtue – even if for a while I assumed that morality was hardwired into our genes.” The narrator who tells his shocking life-story in this book is a ... More about this title

  • Barbara König

    Hans Werner Richter

    Notes of a Friendship
    Group 47 was a legend from the beginning. It had no members, no statutes and articles, no treasurer, no programme. A single man had brought it into being and, more importantly, kept it alive: ... More about this title

  • Herbert Kraft

    Robert Musil

    A Biography
    Everyone knows the title of his great novel THE MAN WITHOUT QUALITIES but the author, more than sixty years after his death, remains as enigmatic as in his lifetime. Herbert Kraft's brilliantly ... More about this title

  • Klaus Kreimeier

    Dreams and Extremes

    The Cultural History of Early Cinema
    Cinema is the leading art form of the industrial age. But in order for an audience's dreams to be brought to life on the big screen there is an enormous amount of technology, capital and ... More about this title

  • Michael Krüger

    Living for Literature

    Notwithstanding the rampant obsession with youth that is currently gripping our fine country, the colour of our often anaemic-looking cultural landscape is in many cases provided by the older ... More about this title

  • Michael Krüger

    The Sheep in Sheep's Clothing

    and Other Satires from the World of Books
    At a meeting of book editors, the novel of a young German author is presented with much enthusiasm and optimism – and relentlessly torn apart. The first editor dislikes the beginning, the ... More about this title

  • Günter Kunert

    As the Hotel Room Said to the Guest

    A book to replace entire libaries: Günter Kunert's compendium on life and love, children's games and the end of the world, friends and foes, dreams and nightmares – in short, all the grim and ... More about this title

  • Günter Kunert

    Emergency Information

    "Time heals all wounds, except the last one." Günter Kunert confronts life's tribulations with a generous dose of cynicism – and collects things to remember in everyday emergencies.
    More about this title

  • Günter Kunert

    The Comforts of Catastrophe

    “One day I read somewhere that we sleep away half our lives,” writes Günter Kunert, “and I have to say it really doesn’t bother me that much.” Perhaps that’s because the world as we ... More about this title

  • Christian Kosler

    The Stage of the Imagination

    When Gert Hofmann died in 1993, only 61 years old, he had published an impressive number of novels and stories. The present volume is a commemoration of this fascinating work. It begins with the ... More about this title

  • Wolfgang Krohn

    The Unity of Nature - The Design of History

    Encounters with Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker
    Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker is one of the most distinguished and provocative thinkers of the 20th century, whose lifework spans pure science, politics, religion and ethics. This book, ... More about this title

1-15 of 15 titles

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