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  • Lukas Hartmann

    GloriaFuria and Naughty Marie

    On the eve of their vacation, Marie has one of her notorious tantrums. She must go with her family to Elba while all her friends spend the summer in camp. As a punishment for her lack of ... More about this title

  • Nikolaus Heidelbach

    The Big Book of Children's Stories

    What is a block of granite doing at the cinema? Why is there such an abundance of mountains in Switzerland? And how does a supposedly Swiss maggot travel all the way to Hong Kong? What really ... More about this title

  • Elke Heidenreich

    Is it Hot at the South Pole?

    At the South Pole, the penguins stand...and stand and stand. Always dapper in their tailcoats, they wait, patiently, for whatever may happen. But what is it they're waiting for? Luckily, Elke ... More about this title

  • Elke Heidenreich

    Nero Corleone - A Cat's Tale

    The little tom is called Nero because he is totally black, save for a single white paw. It takes him just six weeks to become the boss on the farm and to put the other animals - the ridiculous ... More about this title

  • Elke Heidenreich

    The Return of Nero Corleone

    There's always Enough Love to Go Round
    Proud and beautiful Nero Corleone is probably the most famous tomcat in the history of cat literature. Equally famous is his inventor Elke Heidenreich, and in this book she tells us what became ... More about this title

  • Elke Heidenreich

    Whatever Next!

    or The Art of Talking To Each Other
    "Whatever next!" snaps Mother Gertrude irritably when Katherine wants to spend her holidays in the country air of Uncle John's farm. But her daughter's exhaustive pleading and exaggerated ... More about this title

  • Helme Heine

    A Case for Friends

    Normally, Mullewap is a fine and peaceful place. But there are rascals there too, small ones and big ones. And when they're up to mischief, it's to time for the Friends to take over – Johnny ... More about this title

  • Helme Heine


    There must be parents who enjoy musical children. Mama and Papa Fox do not. Because their daughter is trumpeting, drumming and singing almost around the clock. And she's loud, too! Even when they ... More about this title

  • Helme Heine

    New Cases for the Friends

    Johnny Mouse, Charlie Rooster and podgy Percy have particularly hard cases to solve this time. On one occasion they are under suspicion themselves! Someone ran into the hedgehog in the dark and ... More about this title

  • Heinrich Heine

    Poor Peter

    As the audience pours into the theatre, the actors are getting ready for the show backstage. The curtain rises andthe story of how poor Peter fails to win Greta’s heart begins. It’s all very ... More about this title

  • Helme Heine

    The Noisemakers

    What do the roaring lion, the trumpeting elephant, the yapping dog, the buzzing bee and the croaking frog have in common? All of them are noisemakers. And noisemakers can really get on your ... More about this title

  • Finn-Ole Heinrich

    The Amazing and Astonishing Adventures of Maulina Schmitt Part 1: My Shattered Kingdom

    Maulina’s world has gone off the rails: she and her mother have moved out of Moldavia, away from their cosy house with the voracious floorboards, blue-white sofas and greasy light switches. ... More about this title

  • Monika Helfer

    Rosie and the Great-grandfather

    Rosie’s family lives in America, far away from the little Austrian town where her Jewish ancestors lived for many generations. But luckily her great-grandfather still remembers all the old ... More about this title

  • Hartmut von Hentig

    Why Do I Have to Go to School?

    "Why do I have to go to school?", Tobias asks his uncle just before he is boarding the train. That's why he gets his answer in a series of letters, and he is lucky because his uncle is the famous ... More about this title

  • Egbert Herfurth

    Gallop, Gallop, Rider

    Two more volumes in our series of "updated" nursery rhymes, following the publication of Jutta Bauer's Abends wenn ich schlafen geh und Wolf Erlbruch's Zehn grüne Heringe in 1994. Delightfully ... More about this title

  • Rudolf Herfurtner

    Lucia and the Dragon's Collar

    Where there are mice, there are cats. Fat, ferocious cats with only one objective: to catch, torture and terrorize mice. And that's just what they do, on the farm where Lucia and her friends ... More about this title

  • Rudolf Herfurtner

    Pauline and the Yellow Knight

    The outing to the mountain was perfect, but it ended up, as usual, with a massive fight. Pauline and her daddy come home much later than planned – without having let mummy know. She's furious! ... More about this title

  • Rudolf Herfurtner

    The Story of Music

    Rudolf Herfurtner tells the history of music in stories. Some of them are funny, some strange, others are scary or sad. But they have one thing in common: they make you want to hear music.
    More about this title

  • Rudolf Herfurtner

    The Toy Mafia

    Milo is living a sheltered life between his uncle's mansion, park and factory – and he is the perfect poster boy for the toy collections that bear his name. One day, while looking for a stray ... More about this title

  • Rudolf Herfurtner

    Tim's Magical Journey to the Stars

    Tim is a dreamer, a stargazer. Instead of sleeping, he sits on the roof of the barn, watching the heavens. One night something strange happens: the Plough comes down from the night sky, and Tim ... More about this title

1-20 of 31 titles « vorherige12nächste »

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