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Friederike Barakat, Anne Brans, Stefanie Eckl & Annette Lechner

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  • Karl-Markus Gauß

    The First Thing I Set Eyes on

    Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling. Karl-Markus Gauß describes the earliest sensory experiences of a small boy in the mid-twentieth century, and at the same time paints a portrait of the author ... More about this title

  • Sylvia Geist

    Gordian Paradise

    In her new volume of poetry, Sylvia Geist, whose lyricism has been described as a matchless fusion of surefire scientific assurance and unadulterated poetic instinct verging on the ... More about this title

  • Christoph Giesa

    The New Business Order How Start-Ups Change the Economy and Society

    Small start-ups have just started to shake up the established companies. They do this with new products, ideas, processes, and a culture of openness. They are close to the customer, they are ... More about this title

  • Judith Giovannelli-Blocher

    The Simple Things

    What really matters in life
    Many of us find today’s world frightening, because intrinsic values of civil community seem to be disappearing: social responsibility, respect, fairness, solidarity and compassion. The new book ... More about this title

  • Daniel Glattauer

    The Miracle Exercise

    Two clients, both in their forties, take their seats in a relationship counsellor’s office; the therapist sits facing them. The atmosphere is charged… let the comedy begin!

    Joana ... More about this title

  • Thomas Glavinic

    My Typewriter and I

    With a foreword by John Burnside
    So, if you’re going to write, do it properly. If you’re going to write, then write about what really matters. About love, about death, about failure, or maybe even about success and happiness ... More about this title

  • Thomas Glavinic

    The Greater Miracle

    »He stared at the flapping canvas of the tent. He was so cold that his teeth chattered uncontrollably,
    sometimes clamping down on his tongue. He tasted blood but felt no pain. Muted by the ... More about this title

  • Norbert Gstrein


    A bomb is discovered in a provincial Austrian village station. Next to it is a note that says simply »Repent!«, but no one takes it seriously, not even the police. Then a teacher in the village ... More about this title

  • Lars Gustafsson

    The Man on the Blue Bicycle

    Dreams through a dusty lens
    Janne Friberg rides his blue bicycle through the Västmanland countryside, peddling a kitchen appliance that can cut, slice, mix, stir and make sausages. Approaching a white manor house at the ... More about this title

1-9 of 9 titles

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