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  • Jens Malte Fischer

    Eve of a Century

    Jens Malte Fischer, a renowned expert on the last "fin de siècle" whose books and essays brilliantly link past and present, side-steps the more obvious parallels and differences to survey ... More about this title

  • Noah Flug

    The History of Israelis and Palestinians

    The crisis in the Middle East is a daily news topic – and the news is always bad.
    But why are Israelis and Palestinians enmeshed in endless conflicts? And what are they fighting about?
    More about this title

  • Amelie Fried

    The Pallas Shoe Shop. How My Family Resisted The Nazis

    The story of the Fried family is in many ways a characteristic story of the suffering of Jewish citizens in the Third Reich. But it is also a special story, because it presents men and women who ... More about this title

1-3 of 3 titles

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