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  • Gabrielle Alioth

    The Greek Empress

    In 980 a boy is born in Cleve who will change the whole of western civilisation and be celebrated by his contemporaries as the mirabila mundi, the wonder of the world. His career is meticulously ... More about this title

  • Jürg Altwegg

    The Long Shadows of Vichy

    From Sartre, Camus, Céline and the poets-cum-diplomats Perse and Malraux to the postmodernist philosophers, from Lévi-Strauss, Foucault and Barthes to the opposing factions in the "black book" ... More about this title

  • Jan Assmann


    A Semantic History
    The self-image of the West and Europe's sense of identity derive from the field of tension between two poles: Jerusalem versus Athens, Israel versus Hellas, the revelations of Judeo-Christian ... More about this title

  • Aleida Assmann

    Is Time out of Joint? The rise and fall of time in the age of modernity

    There is increasing insecurity and perplexity as far as time is concerned. Time has gone awry: out of joint, like it was for Shakespeare‘s Hamlet. The future can’t be relied on to deliver the ... More about this title

  • Jan Assmann

    Power and Grace

    Worldly monarchs empowered by the Lord's grace, the Pope acting as God's representative in the world: it is not only ancient hierarchies who have legitimized themselves as earthly reflections of ... More about this title

1-5 of 5 titles

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