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  • Gabrielle Alioth

    The Greek Empress

    In 980 a boy is born in Cleve who will change the whole of western civilisation and be celebrated by his contemporaries as the mirabila mundi, the wonder of the world. His career is meticulously ... More about this title

  • Jürg Altwegg

    The Long Shadows of Vichy

    From Sartre, Camus, Céline and the poets-cum-diplomats Perse and Malraux to the postmodernist philosophers, from Lévi-Strauss, Foucault and Barthes to the opposing factions in the "black book" ... More about this title

  • Jan Assmann


    A Semantic History
    The self-image of the West and Europe's sense of identity derive from the field of tension between two poles: Jerusalem versus Athens, Israel versus Hellas, the revelations of Judeo-Christian ... More about this title

  • Aleida Assmann

    Is Time out of Joint? The rise and fall of time in the age of modernity

    There is increasing insecurity and perplexity as far as time is concerned. Time has gone awry: out of joint, like it was for Shakespeare‘s Hamlet. The future can’t be relied on to deliver the ... More about this title

  • Jan Assmann

    Power and Grace

    Worldly monarchs empowered by the Lord's grace, the Pope acting as God's representative in the world: it is not only ancient hierarchies who have legitimized themselves as earthly reflections of ... More about this title

  • Katja Behrens

    The Great Book Robbery

    Two young girls find themselves carried away on the most adventurous journey of their lives – travelling across the rough terrain of the Alps in the depths of a harsh wartime winter, part of a ... More about this title

  • Barbara Beuys

    Living with the Enemy

    Amsterdam under the Nazis 1940-1945
    Barbara Beuys gives us a vivid, nuanced depiction of everyday life in Amsterdam during the five years of German occupation. At first, the citizens of Amsterdam do their best to preserve ... More about this title

  • Barbara Beuys

    Sophie Scholl

    A biography
    We think we know everything about Sophie Scholl. Scenes from the film have imprinted themselves in our memory: how she was sentenced to death and executed by the infamous "Volksgerichtshof" ... More about this title

  • Barbara Beuys

    The Price of Passion

    The Life and Times of Li Qingzhao, Chinas Greatest Poetess
    The extraordinary life story of Li Qingzhao and a panorama of Chinese culture, politics and religion: we hear about educated women teaching their daughters and sons, men seeking and appreciating ... More about this title

  • Joseph Croitoru

    The Armed Martyr

    Suicide attacks count among the most brutal means of modern warfare. In his brilliantly written book, Joseph Croitoru explains the history, motives and organisation of suicide bombing.

    More about this title

  • Helmut Dubiel

    History Redeems No-one

    50 years ago, the Federal Republic of Germany became the legal successor to the Nazi government. Dictatorship was to give way to a democracy which would have to acknowledge its grim legacy. The ... More about this title

  • Jens Malte Fischer

    Eve of a Century

    Jens Malte Fischer, a renowned expert on the last "fin de siècle" whose books and essays brilliantly link past and present, side-steps the more obvious parallels and differences to survey ... More about this title

  • Noah Flug, Martin Schäuble

    The History of Israelis and Palestinians

    The crisis in the Middle East is a daily news topic – and the news is always bad.
    But why are Israelis and Palestinians enmeshed in endless conflicts? And what are they fighting about?
    More about this title

  • Amelie Fried, Peter Probst

    The Pallas Shoe Shop. How My Family Resisted The Nazis

    The story of the Fried family is in many ways a characteristic story of the suffering of Jewish citizens in the Third Reich. But it is also a special story, because it presents men and women who ... More about this title

  • Karl-Markus Gauß

    Scattered Germans

    Elektrenai was raised from nothing in 1962 as "the Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania's first atheistic town", Smolnik is a medieval mining town in eastern Slovakia and Kudryavka is a ... More about this title

  • Karl-Markus Gauß

    The Dying Europeans

    Europe owes much of its cultural diversity to its tribal communities – such as the legendary, widely scattered Aromunes, the Gottscheer Deutsche, the Sephardic Jews and the Albanian Abareshe. ... More about this title

  • Katharina Geiser

    Vienna, Temporarily

    Vienna from deep within - the beauty and strangeness of a foreign city.

    On the third floor of the Jewish Museum in Vienna, in a glass case, there is a cardboard box full of memories: ... More about this title

  • Wolfgang Gust

    Islam's Last Kingdom

    A History of the Ottoman Empire
    Wolfgang Gust illustrates the history of the Ottoman empire with a profound knowledge of historical sources and a narrative style both colourful and gripping. His account extends from the nomadic ... More about this title

  • Wolfgang Hädecke


    Founded 800 years ago, for centuries the splendid residency of the Wettiner, almost completely destroyed in World War II and now, again, one of Germany's most interesting landmarks: the dramatic ... More about this title

  • Jürgen Peter Schmied, Sebastian Haffner

    The Life of Pedestrians

    This is a Sebastian Haffner unknown to most: a chronicler of everyday life in Berlin and a brilliant reporter of extraordinary literary talent.

    Sebastian Haffner's historical and ... More about this title

1-20 of 106 titles « vorherige123456nächste »

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