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  • Elazar Benyoetz

    The Future is Hard on our Heels

    The new book by Israeli writer Elazar Benyoetz is the sum total of his poetic thinking and gives impressive evidence of his sensitive approach to language. Benyoetz's aphorisms and word-plays ... More about this title

  • Alfred Brendel

    After the Final Chord

    Questions and answers
    "More than any other art form, great music can be a wonderful comfort, even at times when it may seem we are beyond consolation." (Peter Hamm)

    To mark his farewell to the concert stage ... More about this title

  • Max Neumann, Alfred Brendel, Luis Murschetz, Oskar Pastior

    Mirror Images and Haunted Houses

    The pianist as poet: Alfred Brendel's verse, both funny and grotesque, delightfully spans sense and nonsense.

    The Coughers of Cologne have achieved immortality through Alfred Brendel's ... More about this title

  • Franz Josef Czernin

    Angels’ Tongues

    - visions and variations
    Alfred North Whitehead once said that all European philosophical tradition basically consists of is footnotes to Plato. The poems in Franz Josef Czernin’s new volume are by no means footnotes ... More about this title

  • Franz Josef Czernin

    Elements, Sonnets

    Earth, water, fire and air – since the birth of philosophy those four terms have been considered the original principles of the world, the four elements of which all forms of life are composed. ... More about this title

  • Joseph von Eichendorff, Eckhard Henscheid

    The Poetry of Joseph von Eichendorff

    Joseph von Eichendorff (1788-1857) is arguably the most popular German poet. Heine, Fontane and Adorno count among his many admirers. For a long time literary scholars classified Eichendorff too ... More about this title

  • Wolf Erlbruch

    Ten Green Herrings

    Wolf Erlbruch's best-seller about the ten green herrings which, one after the other, mysteriously disappear, is now available as a large-format gift book.

    "When Erlbruch illustrates ... More about this title

  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Wolf Erlbruch

    The Witch's One-Time-One

    When Goethe's witch prepares the magical potion that will turn Faust's head, she recites a mysterious counting spell: "Of one make ten,/Pass two and then/Make square the tree,/So rich thou'lt ... More about this title

  • Eduard Mörike, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

    Whispered to the Night

    Eduard Mörike (1804 to 1875), one of Germany's most outstanding 19th century poets, often drew upon but was not limited by the tradition of the folk song and, like Heinrich Heine before him, ... More about this title

  • Franzobel

    Luna Park

    Poems for Amusement
    Temptations, eruptions, cascading language: Franzobel's poems from one and a half decades.

    Language explodes with elemental power, rhythm gushes forth in an ecstasy of words, creating ... More about this title

  • Sylvia Geist

    Gordian Paradise

    In her new volume of poetry, Sylvia Geist, whose lyricism has been described as a matchless fusion of surefire scientific assurance and unadulterated poetic instinct verging on the ... More about this title

  • Lars Gustafsson

    Exodus from Xanadu

    Gustafsson's new poems evoke a poetical world between present and past, reality and reflection.

    Every year at the end of August, Kubla Khan departed from his summer residence in ... More about this title

  • Lars Gustafsson

    Sundays of the American Girl

    An Epic Poem
    When Lars Gustafsson lived in Texas, he read in the newspaper of a library assistant who had been kidnapped while washing her car on a Sunday, then raped and killed. He felt the urge to give this ... More about this title

  • Ludwig Harig

    Beautiful No Man's Land

    In the beginning was the chicken. With this and other, similarly intricate formulations from his ALLSEITIGE BESCHREIBUNG DER WELT, Ludwig Harig became known to a larger public in 1972. By then he ... More about this title

  • Harald Hartung

    Masks and Voices

    Figures in Modern Poetry
    While some think of poetry as "the essence of global culture", to quote Brodsky, others perceive it as an almost extinct art form, scarcely worth making a sonnet and dance about. The fact ... More about this title

  • Egbert Herfurth

    Gallop, Gallop, Rider

    Two more volumes in our series of "updated" nursery rhymes, following the publication of Jutta Bauer's Abends wenn ich schlafen geh und Wolf Erlbruch's Zehn grüne Heringe in 1994. Delightfully ... More about this title

  • Reinhard Michl, Friedrich Hoffmann

    Sparrows' Salad

    When the sparrows invade the cherry tree, they certainly make a racket. In and out they fly, with wings-a-flutter and angry chirruping, and cherrystones scattered everywhere. Of course, there's ... More about this title

  • Kathrin Schärer, Franz Hohler

    There Once Was a Porcupine

    44 children's rhymes
    44 stories in verse form for reading aloud or on your own, learning off by heart and laughing out loud. Whatever you do with Hohler's poems for children - they are certainly great fun!

    More about this title

  • Raoul Schrott, Arthur Jacobs

    Poetry and the Brain

    News from inside the mind
    Why is it that some poems have such immediate appeal? In his new book, Raoul Schrott shows how basic literary stylistic devices reflect neural processes.

    How is it that we can become ... More about this title

  • Susanne Janssen

    Madame Butterfly's Piano Lesson

    Madame Butterfly is not her real name. But the name that the children have given her is just right for the eccentric old piano teacher with the purple coat that she wears even at home. She has a ... More about this title

1-20 of 72 titles « vorherige1234nächste »

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