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  • Friedrich Achleitner

    A Flower for the Dead.

    The Monuments of Bogdan Bogdanovi?
    A trans-national artistic statement both imposing and redemptive – Friedrich Achleitner describes Eastern Europe’s most striking memorials, created by Bogdan Bogdanovi?.

    Bogdan ... More about this title

  • H.G. Adler

    A Journey

    "A masterpiece, written in particularly beautiful and pure prose. (...) Adler has re-established the principle of hope in modern literature." --- Elias Canetti

    There was a time when ... More about this title

  • Gabrielle Alioth

    The Appraising Glance

    Even in her youth, painter Angelica Kauffmann – born 1741 – was celebrated as an extraordinary talent. Her portraits of Winckelmann and Goethe attracted international attention, and her ... More about this title

  • Gabrielle Alioth

    The Greek Empress

    In 980 a boy is born in Cleve who will change the whole of western civilisation and be celebrated by his contemporaries as the mirabila mundi, the wonder of the world. His career is meticulously ... More about this title

  • Fritz Arnold

    Friendships in the Time of Hate

    "I was twenty when I first left the train at the Stazione Termini, on a chilly spring morning, exhausted but full of expectation." Four years later, the narrator returns to Rome but this time ... More about this title

  • Michael Augustin

    That's All!

    Deaths of the Famous
    Ezra Pound walked upright onto the ambulance ship in Venice, grumbling that there was nothing wrong with him – and promptly died on arrival at the hospital. German satirist Georg Christoph ... More about this title

  • Reinhard Baumgart

    Then & Now

    A Life in Germany 1929-2003
    Reinhart Baumgart, "one of the pillars of literary life in this country" (Die Welt), recounts the story of his life: moving, ironic and always full of vivid images of meetings with remarkable men ... More about this title

  • Martin Roda Becher

    Permanent Residents

    His grandfathers had little time for each other. Alexander Roda Roda, the sharp-tongued man of letters, and Richard Becher, the business lawyer met only for an occasional game of chess in a New ... More about this title

  • Hans-Georg Behr

    Almost a Nomad

    All he wants is to be an artist, and he won't settle for anything less. So, on his 14th birthday, he escapes from the convent school he detests, hitches a lift to Vienna, and applies to join the ... More about this title

  • Hans Bender

    Like the Palm of My Hand

    When Hans Bender looks up from his writing-desk, his gaze falls upon the trees in his garden, reminding him that there is a world beyond his literary profession. For decades Bender has observed ... More about this title

  • Barbara Beuys

    For I am Sick with Love

    The Life of Hildegard von Bingen
    Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) was a multi-talent. As a prophet, she opens up the bold panorama of her visions in three voluminous books and explores, independent of biblical or theological ... More about this title

  • Barbara Beuys

    Paula Modersohn-Becker

    On November 20, 1907, 31 year-old Paula Modersohn-Becker, who has just given birth to a daughter, dies in Worpswede near Bremen. In less than ten years, she has created a huge body of work, in ... More about this title

  • Barbara Beuys

    Sophie Scholl

    A biography
    We think we know everything about Sophie Scholl. Scenes from the film have imprinted themselves in our memory: how she was sentenced to death and executed by the infamous "Volksgerichtshof" ... More about this title

  • Barbara Beuys

    The Price of Passion

    The Life and Times of Li Qingzhao, Chinas Greatest Poetess
    The extraordinary life story of Li Qingzhao and a panorama of Chinese culture, politics and religion: we hear about educated women teaching their daughters and sons, men seeking and appreciating ... More about this title

  • Bogdan Bogdanovic

    The Green Box

    A Book of Dreams
    Belgrade, mon amour: images, encounters, messages by the architect, writer and former mayor of Serbia's capital.

    Bogdan Bogdanovic, the illustrious Serbian architect, writer and former ... More about this title

  • Karl Heinz Bohrer


    Story of a Childhood
    When the roaring bombers had finally turned away from Cologne and the sound of the defensive fire had died down, the boys would start gathering garish shards of shrapnel from the streets: little ... More about this title

  • Luc Bondy

    My Dibbuks

    Memoirs and Reworked Dreams
    Is it comedy - or tragedy? Short prose pieces, dialogues, and the memories of a great theatre director.

    How do we become who we are? What makes for real friendship and how do we keep ... More about this title

  • Dieter Borchmeyer

    Goethe, Citizen of his Time

    "They don't like me", the sixty-year-old Goethe remarked of the Germans, "and I don't like them either!" Nevertheless it was he who provided the parentheses that encompassed all the contradictory ... More about this title

  • Lars Brandt


    Willy Brandt, German Chancellor and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, was the role model for an entire generation. And he was a man of many faces, constantly observed, interpreted, ... More about this title

  • Pinkas Braun


    A Youth – A Life on Stage1
    Pinkas Braun has been known for decades as a distinguished theatre, cinema and TV actor and translator of Edward Albee's plays. In an autobiographical novel that is moving, tender, wise and ... More about this title

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