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  • Herta Müller

    Father’s on the Phone with the Flies

    Herta Müller creates cut-and-paste poetry, clipping individual letters, words and pictures from newspapers and magazines and gluing them together into rhymes. In this unique composition, the ... More about this title

  • Luis Murschetz

    Three Cantonese and a Double-Bass

    Three Cantonese with a double-bass?...fair enough. But who are the Throw Cantonose and the Through Cantonoose? Well, it doesn't matter. Busy people who always lug a heavy double-bass around. Or ... More about this title

  • Ernest Wichner, Oskar Pastior

    "...say you heard it whisper."

    For many years Oskar Pastior has been one of the most original, independent and popular poets writing in German. There is, however, an important aspect of his work that has remained completely ... More about this title

  • Ernest Wichner, Oskar Pastior

    "Now you can write whatever you like"

    For decades Oskar Pastior has been regarded as one of the most original, productive and stylistically powerful German-speaking writers. It is high time, therefore, that this large but scattered ... More about this title

  • Ernest Wichner, Oskar Pastior

    "…what starts growing in the middle"

    Collected Works, Volume 4
    When Oskar Pastior posthumously received the Georg Büchner Prize in 2006, a larger audience finally took notice of the most passionately innovative, playful and witty German-speaking poet. The ... More about this title

  • Oskar Pastior

    Villanella & Pantum

    The creativity with which Oskar Pastior uses language is inexhaustible, as is the diversity of lyrical forms that fuel his imagination. Villanella & Pantum could be, like Beauty and the Beast, a ... More about this title

  • Jutta Richter

    Don't leave Me at the Cherry Blossom Time

    "Give me back my heart", says one of Jutta Richter's love poems, "that small, wild animal I laid at your feet". A tone reminiscent of Erich Kästner, but infused with a generous portion of female ... More about this title

  • Philip Waechter, Eugen Roth

    A Small Book of Animals

    Throw out your old encyclopaedia and let Eugen Roth explain the animal kingdom! In Small Book of Animals he turns his attention to fauna, with his usual light-hearted wisdom, humour and ... More about this title

  • Evelyn Schlag

    Must You Sleep Tonight

    For almost a decade-and-a-half and with four collections of poems, Evelyn Schlag has been a predominant voice in contemporary poetry. Love and nature are the central topics of her verse, ... More about this title

  • Raoul Schrott

    White Book

    After Hotels and Tropen, the new volume of poems by Raoul Schrott embraces an unexpected combination of concepts: holiness, hunting and love. Poetry with the "power to shake the walls of the ... More about this title

  • W.G. Sebald

    Not Told

    A joint project by writer W.G. Sebald and painter Jan Peter Tripp, in preparation for a long time and now published posthumously.

    W.G. Sebald, the writer, was a lifelong admirer of ... More about this title

  • Wulf Segebrecht

    For Whom Schiller's Bell Tolls

    "From the heated brow / sweat must freely flow…" Even amongst Schiller's contemporaries, "Das Lied von der Glocke" met with derision as well as admiration: "One of Schiller's poems, the "Song ... More about this title

  • Armin Senser

    Centuries of Quietude

    »More than a prentice work, almost a masterpiece«, wrote Harald Hartung in the F.A.Z. when Armin Senser's first volume of poems was published in 1999. With his new book, Senser continues the ... More about this title

  • Armin Senser

    The Cold Wars

    "This is no comedy but its beginning / And there is nothing no-one has not missed". With biting irony Armin Senser begins his survey of a millennium barely begun. Senser's new collection of poems ... More about this title

  • Armin Senser

    The Great Awakening

    "Every poem needs its resting place in the sensual, its reference points in the familiar", says Armin Senser and so his poems always start with a picture, an event or a form from the visible ... More about this title

  • Tzveta Sofronieva,

    Landscapes and Shorelines. Poems

    Born in Sofia, Tzveta Sofronieva is at home in many different worlds: in Berlin, where the physics graduate now lives and works, in her Bulgarian homeland, but also in the USA and Asia. Well ... More about this title

  • Henrike Wilson, Anu Stohner

    Good Night, Stars!

    Little bears don't like to go to bed. Or at least they want to play a going-tosleep-game before bedtime. Just like children do.

    Little Bear is always the fastest when it comes to ... More about this title

  • Botho Strauß

    Jeffers - Act I and II

    Robinson Jeffers, the poet of the American West Coast, lived from 1887 to 1962. With his wife, Una, he left the city and settled on a windswept crag by the Pacific Ocean. He became famous for his ... More about this title

  • Andreas Thalmayr

    From Bad to Verse

    Everybody knows some poems. Our minds teem with verses: from nursery rhymes, songs, advertisements and God knows where. So where does the widespread dislike of poetry originate? Is it the ... More about this title

  • Jan Wagner

    Owl-Haters in Half-timbered Barns

    The Three Concealed Ones
    A year in Rome; it’s hardly surprising that such an acutely sensitive and perceptive poet as Jan Wagner approaches this delightful new challenge with anything less than his habitual ... More about this title

41-60 of 71 titles « vorherige1234nächste »

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