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  • Katharina Geiser

    Vienna, Temporarily

    Vienna from deep within - the beauty and strangeness of a foreign city.

    On the third floor of the Jewish Museum in Vienna, in a glass case, there is a cardboard box full of memories: ... More about this title

  • Ingeborg Gleichauf

    Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger

    Max Frisch – a biography
    May 15th 2011 will see the celebration of Max Frisch’s centenary birthday. His work has lost none of its topicality or impact. His books can be found in more schools than virtually any other ... More about this title

  • Rüdiger Görner

    Rainer Maria Rilke

    Childhood in Prague, adolescence in Munich and Berlin, years in Worpswede, Paris and, finally, Switzerland – the variety of the stages of Rainer Maria Rilke's life (1875-1926) is reflected in ... More about this title

  • Peter Gradenwitz

    Arnold Schoenberg and his Master Students, Berlin 1925-1933

    When Ferrucio Busoni died in July 1924, Arnold Schoenberg was invited to take over his post as head of the advanced class for musical composition at the Prussian Academy of the Arts in Berlin. On ... More about this title

  • Thomas Gsella, Rudi Hurzlmeier

    The Sufferings of Young Schiller

    No one is born a master, not even Friedrich Schiller, and it’s always the beginning that is hardest. His youth was anything but a picnic: no end of scrapes with his authoritarian father, and a ... More about this title

  • Peter Gülke

    Robert Schumann

    The Joys and Sorrows of Romanticism
    A ruined finger prevented him from pursuing a career as a virtuoso pianist, but he was an avid reader of the Romantic poets Jean Paul and E. T. A. Hoffmann, not to mention a brilliant music ... More about this title

  • Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

    Life and Death of the Great Teachers of Romance Languages and Literature

    How do literature and life, writing and biography connect, if one assesses not the life of writers but that of their interpreters? In his portraits of Karl Vossler, Ernst Robert Curtius, Erich ... More about this title

  • Lars Gustafsson

    Cracks in the Wall

    "We will start afresh. We will not give up." This is the motto of Lars Gustafsson's cycle of novels that paints a panoramic picture of life in the late 1960s: "Herr Gustafsson persönlich, ... More about this title

  • Auch als eBook verfügbar
    Lars Gustafsson

    Cracks in the Wall

    "We will start afresh. We will not give up." This is the motto of Lars Gustafsson's cycle of novels that paints a panoramic picture of life in the late 1960s: "Herr Gustafsson persönlich, ... More about this title

  • Lars Gustafsson

    Palace of Memories

    The "Palace of Memories" is an invention of antiquity, an ingenious mnemonic device. Its location may be a house, a street or a square with many columns: the mnemonist furnishes it with memories. ... More about this title

  • Wolfgang Hädecke


    A Biography
    The short but intense life of the romantic poet caught between his quest for the 'blue flower' and his striving for 'wedding night, matrimony and progeny'.

    Friedrich von Hardenberg ... More about this title

  • Wolfgang Hädecke

    Theodor Fontane

    Theodor Fontane (1819 - 1989) remains the most-read poet of 19th century German literature. His narrative art, often masked by the conversational tone for which he is famous, and his keen eye for ... More about this title

  • Fabjan Hafner

    Peter Handke

    Towards the Ninth Country
    Slovenia – the country, its people, its language and everything connected to it – permeates Peter Handke's entire oeuvre. From his 1966 debut Hornissen to the present day, the subject is ... More about this title

  • Volker Hage

    Philip Roth

    No other German literary critic has spoken as often and as extensively with Philip Roth as Spiegel editor Volker Hage. In these interviews, some of them conducted at the writer's home, Roth not ... More about this title

  • Sven Hanuschek

    "No-one looks behind your face"

    Erich Kästner's books have become true classics, read with equal enthusiasm by children and adults. Celebrating his 100th birthday, this biography, based on Kästner's recently-released private ... More about this title

  • Sven Hanuschek

    Elias Canetti

    A Biography
    A monumental biographical achievement: Sven Hanuschek portrays the life of Elias Canetti. For the first time, we receive a complete picture of the maverick genius of 20th century literature.
    More about this title

  • Ludwig Harig

    ...and they lived happily ever after

    For the true narrator, the stories never end. Ludwig Harig, whose chronicle of the German 20th century has found many enthusiastic readers, continues the story of his life.

    Ordnung ist ... More about this title

  • Ludwig Harig


    Where is a man's true home? In his birthplace or in the remotest corners of the world? Ludwig Harig's novel celebrates a friendship that survived all of life's twists and turns.

    Lyon, ... More about this title

  • Lukas Hartmann

    The Hunter's Daughter

    In May 1923, Vivienne von Wattenwyl and her father Bernhard travel to East Africa to hunt big game for the Natural History Museum in Berne. After an exhausting 2,000 km walk, Bernhard is killed ... More about this title

  • Eveline Hasler

    Aline and the Invention of Love

    The beautiful young lady who lives in the small, ivy-clad palazzo on top of the hill is regarded as a little strange or eccentric. The "sciora" as they call her in the small village of Comolognos ... More about this title

41-60 of 156 titles « vorherige12345 8nächste »

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