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  • Barbara Steinitz, Monika Helfer, Michael Köhlmeier

    Rosie and the Great-grandfather

    Rosie’s family lives in America, far away from the little Austrian town where her Jewish ancestors lived for many generations. But luckily her great-grandfather still remembers all the old ... More about this title

  • Hartmut von Hentig

    My Life – Considered and Confirmed

    Childhood and Adolescence
    Hartmut von Hentig's memories of private and political developments between two continents – a very personal book by a great teacher, looking back on childhood and youth.

    Hartmut von ... More about this title

  • Hildegard Müller, Rudolf Herfurtner

    The Story of Music

    Rudolf Herfurtner tells the history of music in stories. Some of them are funny, some strange, others are scary or sad. But they have one thing in common: they make you want to hear music.
    More about this title

  • Dieter Hildebrandt

    The Sun

    Biography of a Star
    The sun gives us hope: if we learn to use its almost limitless resources intelligently, energy shortage will be a thing of the past. The sun puts us at risk: because it shines longer and stronger ... More about this title

  • Barbara Honigmann

    A Chapter of my Life

    By turns dispassionate, poetic, and witty, Barbara Honigmann relates the incredible story of her own mother, who was a spy and an emigrant, a Jewess and a Communist, in times of war and ... More about this title

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    Barbara Honigmann

    A Chapter of my Life

    By turns dispassionate, poetic, and witty, Barbara Honigmann relates the incredible story of her own mother, who was a spy and an emigrant, a Jewess and a Communist, in times of war and ... More about this title

  • Antje Vollmer, Lars-Broder Keil

    Stauffenberg’s Associates

    The Story of the Unknown Conspirators
    The assassination attempt on Hitler that took place on the 20th of July 1944 is most prominently linked with the name of Stauffenberg. However, there were many others involved in the conspiracy ... More about this title

  • Heinz Dieter Kittsteiner

    The Age of Stabilisation

    Germany and Europe 1618–1715
    The 17th century saw the arrival of choice. In the aftermath of the carnage of the Thirty Years’ War, the state broke away from the clutches of religion. The different denominations learned to ... More about this title

  • Michael Klein

    White Silence

    Jack London's Journey over the Ice
    "Gold! Gold!" When the S.S. Excelsior reaches San Francisco harbour on July 14, 1897, the news of fantastic amounts of gold being found in the icy expanses of Alaska spreads like wildfire ... More about this title

  • Ruth Klüger

    lost in transit

    She survived the Holocaust and the concentration camps, and made a new life in the USA – but her native country still continues to haunt her: The memoirs of Ruth Klüger, Part Two.

    More about this title

  • Walter Kohl

    "I don't feel guilty"

    Georg Renno, Euthanasia Doctor
    The last years of his life were spent in a small terraced house in a village near Ludwigshafen. A white-haired old man with a haggard face and spindly legs, living on a state pension earned by ... More about this title

  • Martin Krauß

    The Ones Who Came Before

    The History of Hiking and Mountaineering in the Alps
    Alpinism was born with the first ascent of Mont Blanc in 1786, and from that point on mountaineering chronicles consisted of little more than lists of climbers who first conquered the highest ... More about this title

  • Erich Kuby

    A Family of Patriots

    History is made not only in palaces and parliaments, on battlefields and in diplomatic circles. And it can be more intriguing, more interesting, if relayed from the perspective of those who have ... More about this title

  • Hubert Witt, Günter Kunert

    Emergency Information

    "Time heals all wounds, except the last one." Günter Kunert confronts life's tribulations with a generous dose of cynicism – and collects things to remember in everyday emergencies.
    More about this title

  • Günter Kunert

    Games for Grown-ups

    Günter Kunert's new book is a tragi-comical report on his "German" life. Born into a so-called "mixed marriage" in Berlin, he witnesses the deportation of his Jewish mother's family to the ... More about this title

  • Claus Leggewie

    A German Career - The Schneider-Schwerte Case

    Hans Schwerte was a distinguished scholar, representing Germany's new start after the War, to all intents and purposes the personification of the liberal, open-minded professor. His cover was ... More about this title

  • Claus Leggewie, Erik Meyer

    A place you would like to visit

    How should Germany commemorate the murder of European Jews? Claus Leggewie and Erik Meyer explore the background of the fiercely-disputed Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

    In May 2005, the ... More about this title

  • Verena Moritz, Hannes Leidinger

    The Night of Kirpitschnikov

    An Alternative History of World War I
    The First World War is an ideal field in which to discover characters who have triggered or accelerated decisive political developments. Timofej Kirpitchnikov is one of these more or less unknown ... More about this title

  • Wolf Lepenies

    Auguste Comte

    The Power of Symbols
    Auguste Comte (1798–1857) is the founder of sociology and of positivism, a school of philosophy with followers all over the world. In order to disseminate his vision, he created an order which ... More about this title

  • Wolf Lepenies


    On the Threshold of Modernism
    Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve (1804 - 1869) was one of the 19th century's greatest literary critics. Admired, attacked and vastly influential, he was perhaps the most ardent reader in the history ... More about this title

21-40 of 105 titles « vorherige123456nächste »

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