All Flesh is Grass

All Flesh is Grass

Christian Mähr

Roland Mathis is blackmailing Anton Galba and his employee Helga after finding out about their affair – but then he falls down the stairs and dies. In a panic, Galba, who is manager of the sewage treatment plant at Dornbirn, gets rid of the corpse in a waste shredder. The police investigate the death, and before long superintendent Nathaniel Weiß appears on the scene – he suspects Galba from the very beginning. But there is someone Weiß would be happy to see disappear: Ludwig Stadler, wealthy and violent, the man his wife left him for. Galba can think of no alternative and so he agrees, in the hope that'll be the end of the matter. But for Weiß it's only the beginning: he's hell-bent on exposing society's vermin and exterminating them. It's not hard to find collaborators for this noble mission – and they all murder happily after.

"With cynical acuity, Mähr explores the inner life of his tainted heroes." (Der Spiegel)

All Flesh is Grass



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