Anne Meets the Christkind

– Illustrated by Linda Wolfsgruber
Publication date: 26.08.1996
Hardback, 48 pages

ISBN 978-3-446-18486-2
Hanser Verlag

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The windows are decorated with paper stars, the mince pies are in the oven and the letters to the Christkind have been drawn - for Anna cannot write yet. She is only five years old and so little that her friend Emil, the village's unemployed giant, calls her midge. Gathering firewood in the forest with Emil is so much fun that the two of them forget the time, and Anja's parents and the entire village are angry with Emil, forbidding him ever to play with the little girl again.

That's why she must go alone into the forest when the first fragile snowflakes begin to fall. Emil has told her that there is a sledge-run there on which the Christkind comes down from the skies, and Anja goes in search of it. But the flurries of snow just won't stop, and once again everybody is looking for Anja, finding her at last in a crib. And because Anja has to stay in bed for a while, she can't tell Emil of her great adventure in the snow. Later she learns that he, too, had been looking for her on that night, and that he had almost found her...

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